Top Gifts For Gambling Fans

Whether done as a party favour for your guests, or chosen as a gift for that someone special, the following ideas are certain to bring a smile and a twinkle of the eye to the casino lovers in your life.

A gamblers keychain: Without a doubt, a set of cards in a royal flush is a perfect gift for the card lover in your life. This lightweight keychain will be a constant reminder of the fun of a game, which they can see and smile at throughout the day.

Wine glass differentiator: Charms and chains abound for wine glasses, to prevent them being mixed up by party guests. Look at getting a card suite set for your friends or family to use on their next casino night in. You can get stock standard plastic ones for laid back evenings, though the more expensive tin ones which add a bit of a gleam are better suited for fancier occasions.

Cards: While bicycle playing cards are the stock-standard norm, you can create a set of custom-made playing cards to stand out from the crowd on your next blackjack, poker, or night. Pick images of your loved ones or your friends to grace the suites. This is guaranteed to be an amazing surprise that will set the tone of the evening.

Casino-themed shirts: If you have plans to visit a world-famous casino, or casino destination like Las Vegas, then a themed shirt is a nice touch for those wanting to progress to the ‘get the t-shirt’ phase a little early. You could even make the shirt part of a team uniform if you regularly enjoy gaming nights in.

Slot machine piggy bank: Skip the usual pig that is your standard coin savings box and get one that’s themed as a slot machine for the added twist of really making your pennies count at the slots.

Classy Casino Themed Gifts

A set of casino themed books: Books that relay either funny casino tales, give great advice or are set in a casino are never amiss with those who love gambling. Popular titles to choose from include Gambling 102, The man with the $100,000 breasts, and Nobody dies in a casino.

A poker chip USB drive: If there’s a tech lover in your life, they are bound to appreciate the extra storage and poker themed USB drive – this makes for a great little love gift or stocking stuffer.

Casino-themed bedding: Moving up a tier from party favours to special gifts, a bedding set themed as a slot machine, hand of cards, roulette wheel, poker chips, or a set of dice, will have even the most dour of your gambling friends grinning in glee. Consider getting your own set too!

Casablanca box: If the movie wasn’t enough for the gaming lover in your life, a Casablanca themed box that comes complete with a hip flask and set of dice in a plush case is sure to do the trick. Alternatively, look at getting a classic Casablanca poster framed.

Crystal Dice Paperweight: Functional and aesthetically pleasing, a crystal dice paperweight will be a useful ornament in any home or office. Just like putting down money, they can pop the paperweight down to secure whatever it is they want to keep safe!