Taking a Look at Easy Slider Slot Online

Easy Slider New, by Amaya, is an online casino slot machine, featuring a unique theme based around the biking culture. The icons all represent aspects of motorbike riding, and a special feature, the slider, allows for betting options not seen in other online slot machines.

As with all slot machines, the player is required to spin the reels, and potentially win by having the icons match up in sequence. This game can be played on mobile devices, tablet, or home computers. Free play options, as well as a real money option, are both available as the player chooses. If a player wishes to bet with real money an active account must be used, with available funds. Creating an account is a quick and easy process, requiring a name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Remember to keep you login details safe.

Navigating the User Interface

Easy Rider New is designed for smooth, easy navigation like many internet based pokies at The balance and wager can be seen at the top, while betting lines up and down, and the option to raise or lower bets, can be seen at the bottom. The play button, bottom right, will trigger a single manual spin, while the auto-spin button beside it, also green, will start an auto-spinning sequence, up to a maximum of one hundred spins. An auto-spin sequence can be stopped at any time by clicking the stop button.

Easy Slider New Slots Reel Symbols

A woman on a motorbike, pair of sunglasses, jacket patch, and flaming wheel are some of the games unique icons. They, along with the classic card numbers, can be matched to form winning combinations. When matching, the winning sequence will be clearly marked with a solid line, for easy identification. Remember that some icons are worth more then others, and that bonus symbols can trigger special events.

Bonus Icon Triggers

Easy Slider New has a few bonus icons. The lady biker, easily identifiable by her icon, is the wild card, and can match with any other icons, except the scatter icon, to create a winning sequence. When triggered, she will animate and spin her bike. The scatter icon, a flaming wheel, can trigger a free spins sequence. If matching two or more scatter icons, free spins will be granted that play out automatically. These free spins can stack, and if more free spins are granted during a free spin sequence, major bonus payouts are possible.

Easy Slider New Slots Slider Feature

A small, animated biker, seen at the top of the playing grid, slides back and forth. The row he is sitting above will be granted multipliers and bonus payouts. Hence, player may slide him back and forth as they wish, and get bonuses on every spin, depending on where the winning icons appear. There is no limit to how many times the biker may be moved. More information about this feature can be found by tapping the appropriate button, found at the bottom of the screen.