Overview of NetEnt’s Blackjack Single Deck Card Game

Not many people realise this but it is actually possible to play Blackjack with more than one standard 52-card deck. In fact, some of Net Entertainment Blackjack variants like Blackjack Pro and Blackjack Double Exposure can use up to eight decks.

If playing a game with that many variables involved sounds intimidating, it’s because it should. The more cards there are in deck, the more confusing the game becomes – especially for beginners.

This is why games – such as NetEnt’s Blackjack Single Deck – with only one deck are generally recommended for inexperienced players.

The Influence of House Edges and Payout Ratios

Every game in a casino has a house edge. This is the natural advantage that the house has over the player in that game. High house edges diminish the likelihood of players bringing in any winnings so beginners had best steer clear of these.

Fortunately, the house edge for Blackjack Single Deck is just 0.17% – the lowest house edge on any Net Entertainment game. Consequently, the theoretical payout of Blackjack Single Deck stands at an appealing 99.83% – the highest payout of all NetEnt games.

The Role of Skill in Blackjack

As with blackjack’s cousin, poker at, the outcome of a blackjack game is not entirely up to the vicissitudes of chance. The more experienced a player is, the better he or she becomes at guessing which cards remain in the deck and which are in the hands of the dealer or other players.

Such educated guesses are possible because Blackjack is an event-dependent game. In other words, because there are only a certain number of cards in play, a card cannot reappear once it has been dealt – i.e. each card dealt has an influence on which card will be dealt next. For example, in Blackjack Single Deck games, the Ace of spades – or any other card, for that matter –can only be dealt once.

By contrast, the problem with multi-deck Blackjack is that it contains duplicates – e.g. a four-deck game will contain four Aces of Spades instead of just one. Clearly, mastering strategy for a game this complex is far more challenging and time-consuming.

This is the primary reason why games like Blackjack Single Deck by NetEnt are the ideal choice for inexperienced players. In fact, many Blackjack experts who have been playing for years still prefer the simplicity of Blackjack Single Deck games.

NetEnt Blackjack Single Deck Game Play

As indicated, the primary feature of Blackjack Single Deck is that it is played with a single standard 52-card deck.

Blackjack Single Deck games are played against the dealer, with both player and dealer receiving two cards each. If either the player or the dealer is dealt a Blackjack – formed by an Ace and any card with a value of 10 – the game ends and the person with the Blackjack wins.

In Blackjack Single Deck games, if both the player and the dealer are dealt blackjacks, a push results and all bets are returned. If neither side is dealt a blackjack, the Blackjack Single Deck game continues and players compete against the dealer to reach 21, without exceeding it, first.

Beginners at Blackjack Single Deck must remember that they will lose their bets if they exceed 21, regardless of what the dealer’s cards might have been. This makes the choice of whether to stick or ask for another card a crucial decision in Blackjack Single Deck games.