Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold Overview Online

If spinning the online roulette table wasn’t fun enough, world-renown games developer Microgaming has taken this classic online game and revolutionised it to encompass up to eight times the fun in a multi-spread layout like no other roulette game currently offered on the market.

Advanced Game Concept Executed Simply

A game boasting multiple spinning wheels on one screen, giving players the ability to bet on many roulette wheels at once, can only be described as futuristic. However, Microgaming, with its trend-setting concepts and innovative technology, has taken this space-age idea and brought it into the current online world with its Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold online game. What this gaming developer has done is taken a classic game and combined it with an easy-to-use-format and added advanced features, as well as improved graphics and finer creative tweaks, to spin it into something innovative. When facing the screen, players can view the betting board, a replica of the tables found at land-based casinos, at the bottom of the screen in all its graphical glory.

The board boasts the usual numbers and special bets found on a typical roulette table such as reds and blacks, odds and evens and particular number ranges. At the top of the screen on Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold, players will find the eight roulette wheels or fitted comfortably next to each other and while one may think this may hinder the graphics having eight small screens within one layout, this is far from the truth. Having multiple screens feature great graphics and the same seamless, fast play found on a single roulette game is all thanks to the technological expertise of Microgaming.

How the Game Works

Similarly to a standard roulette game, a players places the bet and waits for his or her number or special bet to appear after the wheel stops spinning. Although Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold features eight screens, this does not mean eight separate bets are made at once. Microgaming has created this game in such a way that all selected wheels spin after one single bet is placed. This means the chances of winning on every individual bet is eight times more.

Choose Your Bet, Choose Your Wheels

Although this online casino game may seem only targeted at high rollers, Microgaming has designed this online Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold game in such a way that it appeals to all roulette fans no matter what their budget is. With a range of betting options, players can place different wagers, from low to high bets, and can select the amount of roulette wheels they wish to spin at one time. Although in the games title, the world ‘multi’ does not necessarily mean all eight wheels must be spun. Players can choose from one wheel to all eight wheels by simply enabling or disabling the wheel accordingly.

The fast-paced, action-packed game is available on most devices makes on the market. Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold online game can be easily downloaded or played online instantly, no registration or downloading required. Real money mode using debit cards etc. and free play mode options are also available for this game at different reputable online casino sites.