Leprechaun Goes Egypt Slot Guide for Online Players

Leprechaun Goes Egypt is an online slot game created by Play N Go. It is most well known for its rather bizarre theme, which involves a cheeky leprechaun somehow landing up in ancient Egypt. The fashion in which this event occurred is not mentioned, the clash of cultures, however, Irish and Ancient Egypt, certainly makes for a unique game style.

The graphics are clearly done by a talented artist, and each symbol could well have been stolen straight from the pages of a comic book. From the leprechaun himself, a cigar between his fingers, to the voluptuous Cleopatra, every symbol is bursting with character and attention to detail. In terms of game play Leprechaun Goes Egypt uses a five reel, twenty play line system, with the play lines manually adjustable. This is excellent for slot game players who prefer to have direct control over the proceedings.

Leprechaun Goes Egypt is available on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Note that given the game’s high graphic fidelity, a newer model phone is recommended.

Symbol Values and Designs

As would be expected from a game titled Leprechaun Goes Egypt, the two most valuable symbols in the game are the leprechaun, and Cleopatra. Match the little green man he maximum of five times and you certainly will feel like a lucky soul, since the payout is certainly something to be happy about.

The rather busty Cleopatra, a smug look upon her face, likewise pays out a good amount, but not nearly as much as the leprechaun. Some of the other symbols in the game include a sphinx, a mummy, a beetle, and the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. Given that such a unique theme is used, it would have been nice for the artists to have used something other then these playing card clichés.

Robbing Tombs for Riches

Leprechaun Goes Egypt has certainly gone the whole nine yards with bonuses. First, take note that the leprechaun symbol may not only match with itself, but also acts as a wild symbol, matching with any other symbol to create a winning sequence.

Second, note that if the Cleopatra symbol matches with herself, not only will an instant payout be granted, but for matches of three or above she will also trigger a mini-game. In the mini-game, three cards are presented to the player. The player must select one, which will give between five and fifteen free spins. The third bonus in Leprechaun Goes Egypt is the pyramid mini-game. This game is triggered if the bonus symbols are matched, represented by a golden pyramid. If matched, a screen will open showing the leprechaun standing before four doors. The player must select one, which will trigger the little man to go running into it. Some of the doors have treasure behind, others have only a mummy. If fidning a room with treasure, two more doors will become available. Again, behind one door is gold, behind the other a long dead pharaoh. The choice is, of course, all up to the player.