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How to make the Best MMA bets

MMA has shot up in popularity not only for general watching but for betting too. In the below article we will cover the most popular types of bets available when betting on MMA. If you would like to start betting on MMA, get to know the types of bets supplied below. Not every bet is just on a winner of a fight, there are also some interesting bets which could make you money without correctly predicting the final result.

Types Of Bets

With the introduction of online betting, the number of bets a person can make is almost limitless. That said, below are the most popular and typically used bets in MMA betting.

  • Match bets – Match bets are likely the most used and most simple bets available in MMA. A match bet is a simple wager placed on who you think will be the overall winner of the fight in question. It is important to note that odds will play a large roll in this nature of betting, The nature of odds supplied will vary on the sportsbook you choose to use. Know the odds well before making a match bet.
  • Multiplier bet – Multiplier bet also commonly known as a parlay bet is similar to a match bet, only is a few match bets made into one larger bet with better odds. For an Example, a multiplier bet including three fights would have you predict the winner of all 3 fights. If one of the fighters you predicted losses, the bet will be lost. This can seem like a stretch over normal match bets, but the odds available in multiplier bets are often worth the additional risk. Ensure you know the fighters and matches well before making a multiplier bet.
  • Method of victory – Method of victory is a wager placed on how the fight will be won, not who will win the fight. There are three main ways in which a fight can be won.

In all the method of victory bets, who wins the fight does not matter. Only how the fight was won

  • Handicap bets – Similar to match bets except odds will not play a roll. Instead, the players play with a handicap, meaning the favourite needs to win by a certain defined number of points to still be a winning bet. Handicap betting is great if the odds are not in a format you are familiar with.
  • Live betting – not a bet in itself, live betting is the ability to bet on things in the match while the match is ongoing. Usually match bets are most popular but it is no way limited to match bets.

These are not all, but most of the important types of bets to know for betting.