How to Host a Lottery Party

Lotteries are great fun and combining lottery and a party can only be fun.  Why not try a scratch-off lottery party? It’s a definite success recipe for success and all you need to get started is a bit of luck. 

Planning the Party

A lottery party can be a few people but it’s definitely more fun with a large group of friends. Having the party at home can also be more cost effective, no hiring expenses.  Each person in the group will need to pay a percentage of the lottery tickets and make sure that you have enough people in order to keep your overheads low. The main event of the party is scratching the tickets and the outcome of the scratching can be split among all your friends or you can take the winnings and buy more scratch tickets until there is no more money.

The cost for each of your friends will depend on where you live and which tickets you choose to play.  These books usually go for around $300, so if there are eight of your friends each one would need to pay $37.50.

A party is not a party if there is no food.  For your lottery party, simple is best, serve simple finger food and beverages and if you would like to have alcohol, a few bottles of wine will work well.  Your friends can also help, maybe each one can bring something, and it is a great way to keep costs low.

Make the Rules Clear

Make sure that everyone is aware of the rules at the start.  Decide before the party if you will divide the money that is won or if you will reinvest the winnings, everyone needs to be on the same page.  If you all decide to reinvest the money choose someone who will redeem the winning scratch tickets and that person will buy the new scratch tickets.

It is also a good idea to decide on a time limit, for example if you double the winnings of the investment will that be the end or will you all continue.  If any one of you is lucky enough to get the jackpot ticket how will you cash it?  It is also good to ensure that you know the gambling rules for your state.

You can put all of the scratch tickets in a large bowl and each one can take a turn scratching.  All of the winning tickets can be put together and once everyone has had a turn to scratch total all of the winnings up.

Remember that just like when you wager at mobile betting sites, it is also important to have fun and enjoy doing so.  People who have had scratch lottery parties usually win back around half of the initial investment, which is a good amount to win for each of your friends, or to reinvest.

A scratch ticket party is a great way to combine spending time with friends and having some fun and winning some extra cash. It can be a great time of good food and wine, and if you make the rules clear from the start