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Greyhound Betting Explained By Experts

Greyhound racing has been a leading betting sport for as long as the modern betting era has existed. Once considered to be a betting sport with higher buy ins than other more typical betting sports, since the introduction of online betting, greyhound racing has become a fan favourite accessible to anybody with very little initial capital needed.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing usually consists of six dogs sprinting over a distance of anywhere from 200m to 800m depending on the type of race and track being used. The frequency of the races greatly depends on the area you are in, however, from an online betting perspective, awesome bets can be had nearly every day in this great sport.

Types Of Bets

From literature, movies and word of mouth, one could be forgiven for thinking that betting on greyhound racing is a simple bet for the winning dog. This is far from the case. Greyhound betting is in-depth with a wide variety of different bets available. Below are the most frequently used bets in greyhound racing, but they are by no means all the bets available.

  • Win bet – The classic we all know and love. A simple bet in which you will place a wager on which dog you think will win the race. It is important to note that odds will play a big role in this bet, be sure to understand the odds well before partaking in win bets.
  • Place bet – Similar to a win bet only with less risk and less potential reward. A place bet is a wager placed on a particular dog to finish within the top three positions. This is great if you feel that the competition between two dogs is too close to decide on a clear victor. It is important to note that odds will play a big role in place bets.
  • Straight forecast – Similar to a win bet, except not only on one dog. In straight forecast betting you will bet not only which dog will win, but which dog will place second as well. This is inevitably riskier, but the potential payout justifies the additional risk. Knowledge of the dogs, track and conditions will be vital if you hope to win a forecast bet. If you are confident though, why not play for the bigger payouts.
  • Tricast bet – Similar to the straight forecast, except for all of the top three positions. Guessing which dogs will come first, second and third successfully is no easy task. The payout stands to the risk though as these payouts tend to dwarf those of the other bets.

  • Reverse forecast – Similar to tricast, only the selected horses are not position dependent. Much safer than a normal tricast, this is great if you believe you know which dogs will be the front runners but can’t call a certain winner. If your selection of three dogs come in the top three positions in any order, you will win the bet.

As with all sports betting, knowledge and money management will be key to your success.